This is an nine day trail running adventure tour through the truly remarkable and rich landscapes of Rwanda. From the rim of Bisoke Volcanos’ crater lake in the North, to the mountain primate rich rainforests of Nyungwe in the South West, this guided running adventure takes on the very experiences that make Rwanda so unique in Africa. This all inclusive package ensures that all you need to focus on is absorbing as much of the rich Rwandan experience as you can, either while on the run or whilst touring. Daily running distances vary depending on the transfer times and itinerary, and all runs remain optional.
9-17 February 2019
Tropical montane forest, volcanos, rural lakeside trails


Central Africa
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Remarkable Rwanda

What people experienced

Rwanda is truly remarkable.  From the cleanliness, litter free streets to the warm and friendly people - you are left with a sense that the country works as one.  Then you have the diversity of landscapes.  When you first see the Volcanoes rising out of mist, clad in towering montane forests, it will take your breath away.  Set foot in those forests, the smells, the sounds.  Then Lake Kivu, edged by intricate bays and towering hills clad in rural fields and hard working Rwandans.  Then Nyungwe Forest and the chance to run the largest, best preserved montane tropical forests in Africa, and not only that but the ridgeline that seperates the Congo and Nile river basins.  It's experiences like this that gives reason to run!

Owen Middleton
Rwanda Wildrun® recce 2018

Remarkable Rwanda 110-150km , 9-17 February 2019

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